Active Group

This is the main component of the system and delivers all the necessary and complementary tools to your frontline staff for their effective Sales, Planning and Execution of a Group. It divides the ‘Group Business’ process into 5 identified stages. Each stage contains a step-by-step flow that focuses your staff efforts towards immediate objectives, while at the same time offering flexible fluidity to accommodate all eventualities at a click of a button.

The primary focus throughout in the first three stages is towards converting the RFPs into a signed contract. The system equips all members of the sales team, whether seasoned or newly initiated, with the necessary tools and skill-set to do so. These include a historical client/contact database, an Event Space color-coded map detailing real-time availability/suitability for each Event, scheduled follow-up reminders, customizable multimedia presentations, timed saleable concessions, system generated Proposals and Contracts, Hotel Rooms booking/reservations table and schedules (if requested), and more.

In the final two stages, it provides the Conference Services team with instant access to all event planning functionalities. These include editable master Banquet Event Order forms, upsell opportunities, to-do lists, Banquet Event Order processing and sign-off status updates, foolproof Event execution with built-in dispute resolution function, and Banquet Event Orders final invoices.


Includes a master Event Space Ledger offering varying granular levels of real-time event space availability (with built-in blanket Block functionality). This accelerates the response time towards any initial requests, and also allows for real-time changes or additions to any group at any stage of the process. Additionally, the Group Calendar offers informed awareness at a management/executive level to better formulate proposals price points, identify opportunities, and to focus sales drive initiatives.

The module also comprises of a master Events List and Events Map which aid your internal teams with staff schedule forecasting and execution delivery.


Database contains all your Organization’s past and present clients, with various permission settings allowing for shared intelligence across various Departments or on a specific per User basis. In addition to serving as the foundation for gained intelligence, it also allows for specialized rates and discounts percentages to be applied on each per client file.


A supportive sales aid, enabling your client or prospect to visualize the Event Space in the set-up or configuration they require. Furthermore, multimedia will be able to deliver upsell opportunities to specific Event Spaces ensuring a maximum basket spend from your client.

Group Rating

Offers the ability to prioritize Event Space allocation preferences by assigning ‘Group Ratings’. This works passively by automatically sorting Event Space priority based on an Organization’s defined variables. In addition, it also offers a more active function that allows for assignment of an Event to a specific Event Space. Group Ratings helps ensure that you accommodate your preferred Group, thereby ensuring maximized return for all Property assets.

Dynamic Pricing Matrix

Revolutionizes Yield Management from an industry standard localized manual 9-12 point Static Pricing system to a centralized and automated 144 point Dynamic Pricing Model. The Dynamic Pricing Matrix empowers the Executive with management of all the Organization’s Event Spaces, incorporating Seasons and layered Periods with: Time Range, Duration, Crossover and Risk Tolerances (incl. Space Usage percentage matched to corresponding Group Sales’ Lead Time).

Once activated, not only does it actively inform frontline staff with an Event Space’s suggested rate, but it also offers Executives with analytical oversight as to the efficacy of each active Season and/or Period’s rates (e.g. Forward looking potential yield for an Organization’s Event Spaces during the 2016 Film Festival for the hours of 18:00-23:00 - based on 90 days out with Event Space capacity at 62%).

Armed with this real-time actionable data available at a push of a button, the Dynamic Pricing Matrix helps ensure that your Organization’s Event Spaces always deliver their maximum yield return.

Active Documents

Geared towards ensuring that all internal contributors to an Event’s deliverables are kept informed and up to date, including sign-off functionality at various stages of a Banquet Event Order in accordance to your protocols. In addition, it allows for the auditing of any Banquet Event Order, with Banquet Event Order and Contract Attrition adherence alarms based on customizable tolerances.


Ensures that the Group’s Lead is notified of any Event Space opportunities, reminded of upcoming deadlines, Banquet Event Order sign-off updates, and kept informed of any changes made in their absence. At the management level, this serves as an informatory/awareness tool towards executive oversight.


Delivers pre-set or customizable reports instantly at a push of a button. No longer having to compile data from various reports, Intelligence offers real-time system data including Performance Summaries, DPM Performance Analyses, Sales Summaries, Sales Team Analyses, Projected Forecasts, etc.

In time, with historical client data, it will deliver much more with actionable frontline intelligence, thereby greatly aiding towards formulating the most competitive Proposals/Contracts based on a Client’s specific historical averages (e.g. Spend per Guest per Event, Spend per Guest per Meal type, Room Rate price sensitivities, Room Block Fulfillment %, F&B Fulfillment %, etc.).

Intelligence not only helps you effectively manage your saleable assets, it helps increase your conversions to sale, thus making it an invaluable and indispensable tool in today’s highly competitive market.