...a powerful Group Business Management System



A turnkey solution delivering seamless efficiency to any Group planning functions.

StarGO is a revolutionary Group Business Management system that standardizes and optimizes a best practice across all your Organization’s available resources.

This end-to-end solution was specifically designed to serve as the perfect all-encompassing tool for an Organization’s Group Sales, Event Space Management, F&B and Conference Services’ functions. It delivers seamless efficiencies to all ‘Group Business’ processes and protocols, from the moment the RFP is received, all the way through to the execution and billing of the group.


StarGO Advantage


Increased Conversion Ratio
Actionable Intelligence
First Respondent
Superior Editing Functionality
Enhanced Client Touch Points (Tablet/Cloud Based)

Maximized Basket Spend
Actionable Intelligence
Enhanced Client Touch Point (Tablet/Cloud Based)

Revolutionized Yield Management
Dynamic Pricing Matrix
Group Rating

Realised Efficiencies/Proficiencies
Frontline Efficiencies (Speed)
Frontline Proficiencies
Management Proficiencies

Foolproof Accuracy
Centralized Data (Accuracy)
Inherent Checks

Focused Workflow
Quick to Learn
Easy to Use


StarGO Modules


Many Modules...
...One Integrated System

Active Group – is the main component of the system and delivers all the necessary and complementary tools to your frontline staff for their effective Sales, Planning and Execution of a Group.

Calendar – includes a master Event Space Ledger offering varying granular levels of real-time event space availability (with built-in blanket Block functionality).

Contacts – database contains all your Organization’s past and present clients.

Multimedia – is a supportive sales aid.

Group Rating – offers the ability to prioritize Event Space allocation.

Dynamic Pricing Matrix – revolutionizes Yield Management from an industry standard localized manual 9-12 point Static Pricing system to a centralized and automated 144 point Dynamic Pricing Model.

Active Documents – is geared towards ensuring that all internal contributors to an Event’s deliverables are kept informed and up to date.

Notifications – ensures that the Group’s Lead is notified.

Intelligence – delivers pre-set or customizable reports instantly at a push of a button.


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