Dear Patrick,

As the former President and CEO of Newmarket International (the company that created the Delphi system for hotel sales and events management now owned by Amadeus) I was duly impressed with your StarGO software.

In my career running three different hotel companies we implemented the Delphi software, it is good to see that product now has a strong competitor!

As a cloud-based solution for hotel sales and event management the ease of use and innovation in your software will enhance the sales productivity and revenues of hotels in North America and globally.

The open platform easily integrates into any loT device and your use of Microsoft Azure assures integration into enterprise solutions and future advances in technology.

Most importantly the end user on both sides, the hotel personnel and the customer will find the user interface and the overall system easy to use and easy to integrate into daily activities.

Well done Patrick. StarGO is a great product.

Stephen J. Giblin

President - Martin Inc

Dear Patrick,

Three years ago I retired from the position of Senior Vice President, Development for Marriott Hotels in Canada following the completion of the Delta Hotel's acquisition and which position I held for fifteen years. Prior to joining Marriott I was President of Commonwealth Hospitality, formerly Commonwealth Holiday Inns of Canada, and after 56 years in the hospitality industry in Canada, Europe and the West Indies, I now consult to the CBRE Hotels group in Canada in an advisory capacity.

I have had the privilege to collaborate on the StarGO System for almost two years with a friend and former business colleague, Patrick Xuereb, who, for forty years, owned one of the most successful event and conference organizing companies in Canada, delivering for the big pharmaceutical companies, the oil & gas industry, insurance companies and governments to name but a few. "StarGO" is a revolutionary group and event management system which is nothing short of perfection and in my experience in the hospitality industry is light years ahead of anything else out there delivering improved revenue, improved cost savings and substantial improvement in profit.

StarGO is "Microsoft Cloud" based and easy to learn, with a sophisticated software platform which can run independently or be interfaced with other property systems currently in place. It combines speed with accuracy and intelligence; the key elements to stay ahead of the competition.

Michael J Beckley F.I.H/C.H.A

Former Senior Vice President Development - Marriot Hotels Canada

Hi Patrick Sr and Patrick,

Trust this email finds you well. I have been wanting to write to both of you to confirm my absolute appreciation of your StarGO software. The implementation which took place during the first quarter of 2018 has proven to be very very successful and faultless...a rarity in the hospitality software business. All departments from Sales to Kitchens, Front Office, Accounting and all the ‘Behind the scenes’ departments can testify to the above, not to mention the incredible time-saving and accuracy at every step.

In addition, your service is prompt and to the point...plus your team is always willing to help and assist us on the potential additional items that we required to suit our large hotel....please keep it up.

I would finally wish to reiterate that it is great to work closely with your company.

Yours sincerely,

Dominic Galea

Director of Sales and Business Development - Dolmen Hotel

Dear Patrick

I know you are working with a variety of potential customers for StarGO's Group and Event Management software across the hotel, convention centre, clubs, restaurant, universities and college sectors.

Based on my experience at Marriott Hotels as both Regional VP Sales & Marketing and VP Canadian Operations, I wanted to offer a reference for your system. In my opinion your system is probably one of the very best I have seen. It offers a cloud-based, stand-alone system that can still be interfaced with other key systems in the operation. The system offers a very user-friendly, intuitive approach which reduces training time and significantly improves productivity for the sales & catering teams. It offers consolidated oversight for multi-property operations, more efficient, optimized space management, better cross-selling opportunities and improved cost controls.

In the very competitive catering space, improving revenue per square foot of space, while improving overall productivity, is key to enhanced profitability.

Please feel free to pass this letter on to perspective clients and feel free to have them contact me for further details if necessary.

Kind regards,

Scott Allison

Former Regional VP Sales & Marketing and VP Canadian Operations - Marriott Hotels